Care for the old is not just a service but also an emotion that drives you to cultivate more virtues.


What Tasks Does ACQI Include?

Cleaning The Bathroom

Keeping the toilet and surroundings sanitized is part of our duty to ensure hygiene among the seniors.

Laundry & Ironing

Clothes also need to be clean at all times to maintain healthy conditions for the souls to remain young.

Preparing Meals

Serving wholesome and healthy meals three times a day is also included in our range of services.

Senior Care Has A New Meaning.
why choose us?

Trusted Senior Care Service

We are providing you with only the highest-quality services in terms of technicalities and care.

Our Process

Simple processes with an adequate amount of expertise and care make for a splendid service for the seniors.

Our Values

Care would mean nothing without genuine compassion and love for the struggling souls; we house the best of it all.

What they say about us

Impeccable service is guaranteed with the expertise they hold in the field of senior care and management.

Tyler M Mastro

Their core values make them stand out among the others in the business, allowing us to choose the right caretakers for our loved ones.

Christopher P Clifton

Such great organizations need to exist more in number to ensure better living conditions for the people out there.

Heriberto C Myrick

Meet our team

Rachel R Washington

Dale B Moulton

Rosalind S Dugger

Margaret S Johnson


What to Expect from a Home Cleaning Service for the Elderly


Home cleaning services are often ignored, despite providing things according to the needs of the client. Due to that, people who require such services might not be able to access information that they need at the moment. So to avoid such problems, we decided to pitch in and help you understand what to expect from a home cleaning service like Sparkle and Shine for the elderly. Hence, go ahead and read the following to understand more.

Why You Should Employ a Cleaning Service for Your Parents

Employ a Cleaning Service

As your parents become older, their life will start to change. Their systems might not be as effective as they were before, and they won’t be able to do everything. As a result, you need to help them out, and hiring a cleaning service is the right way to go about doing so. A service of this sort will bring in benefits and several other aspects that you need to consider. So, keep reading to learn more.

Top Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service for the Elderly

Hire a Cleaning Service

Life may not always be a comfortable journey once you become old and find it hard to carry things forward. While you may be yet to reach there, your parents or grandparents are already in that place. For that purpose, you need to help and provide the necessary support that they require. As a result, hiring a cleaning service will be ideal, and we are here to tell you why. Hence, go ahead and read the following to know more about the same.

Tips That The Elderly Can Use While Hiring a Cleaning Service


Hiring a cleaning service for the elderly tends to be a great idea, and you need to do so. But you also need to consider either your parent’s or grandparents’ advice and choose a service they seem to agree with. For that purpose, we have put out a few tips to help for the elderly to pick a service that can help them solve what matters the most. So, continue reading the following set of points.

The Many Benefits of Home Cleaning Services for the Elderly

Home Cleaning

Hiring home cleaning services for your parents or grandparents tends to be an interesting move that offers help and support. As your parents move along their late 90s, their body becomes weak and might not be capable of doing the things that they once loved doing. Due to that, you need to help them lead a life of comfort and do so in a relaxed manner. But how does one achieve that by hiring a cleaning service? Well, go ahead and read the benefits to find out.

Finding the Right Cleaning Services for Elderly People

Cleaning Services

A cleaning service for the elderly is a valuable service that tends to go a long way in making your parents’ or grandparents’ lives comfortable. They will be able to proceed to do all they like, while their homes are being cleaned to perfection. But how do we select the right service when there are so many in the industry? Well, to help you, we have listed a few points that you need to consider while choosing a cleaning service for the elderly.